Cold on the outside warm on the inside – Burmester B38 Speaker

Date: 2020-11-23


Article From 《Audiotechnique》
The German Burmester gives me a low-key but wild feeling. It is said that the B38 loudspeaker that has just arrived in Hong Kong. The slender loudspeaker inherits the traditional carpentry craftsmanship. The inside of the box is equipped with a large-diameter woofer. It is very simple. The most eye-catching front of the speaker is AMT (Aerodynamic Foldable Aluminum Tape Tweeter), which is the symbol of the Burmester family. The other thing is that the members are all slim and the color of the cabinet tends to be mature gray. , White, and wood grain, as if to imply that the designer does not want to be distracted when listening to music. It makes sense to be low-key. However, the sound effect of a song is just the opposite. The dynamics are like tigers, the low-frequency one is ready to out of control, calm appearance, strong heart, this is Burmester!

Master the original essence

Although the B38 is a new member of the B series, its sound characteristics and appearance are different from the previous generation B18. It is a Side-Firing. The 12-inch sandwich paper cone woofer is located inside the speaker, and the 6-inch semi-glass fiber diaphragm middle and AMT tweeter are both placed on the front of the speaker. The overall design is three-way. The frequency should be from 37Hz to 33kHz. B18 is two 6-inch half midrange and bass glass fiber diaphragm units. All units are located on the front of the speaker. Tweeter is also not AMT. The speaker structure is two and a half channels, and the frequency should be 42Hz-30kHz. All these have reflected that B38 surpasses B18. No wonder the manufacturer claims that B38 is a new generation of speakers with the same concept but greatly improved quality.

In response to environmental changes

The B38 is equipped with two inconspicuous but practical sound tuning functions, both of which are hidden on the back of the speaker. One of them is a large air-conducting hole. There are two cotton posts attached to the packing. If you put the cotton in the casw it will increase the air pressure, and the low-frequency volume and sound firmness will change accordingly. The other is located near the terminal, aiming at 1-3dB roll-off in the range of 37Hz-150Hz. The two functions are also to avoid excess low-frequency energy. Technically, the air guide plug can prevent the airflow from interfering with the sound effect. Decreasing attenuation is like cutting frequency. The effects of the two are different, and the order of actual application is different depending on the surround.

 Absorb micro shock

My last trick is the two shock-absorbing silver bricks "Eliminator" from THIXAR in Germany, which are specially designed to deal with subtle resonances. They can help me increase the power of B38... I have achieved unprecedented progress. There is no reason not to replay "鼓詩" again, the effect at this time is the closest to the impression. The strength of the drum sticks is precise and sharp, the momentum is scary, and the hearing is shocking. The drums on the left and right sides are not slow but not too fast, and the strength is displayed in an orderly manner. The low frequency is compact and there is no gap. The middle section was like a stick raining down, so strong and wild.

High and quality

Regardless of the B38's slenderness, the magnificence of the sound field is unfathomable, and the wide and narrow proportions are complete. It is rare to present the stage feeling in the concert hall. Each part in the orchestra is carefully analyzed by B38, and the brass instrument is loudly played and pulled by strings. The smooth texture of AMT all confirms the special value of AMT tweeter.... When I rebroadcast the 32bit / 384kHz MQA version of "The Three-Cornered Hat", the second part of the music has loud high-tipped flute sounds from time to time. Multi-tweeters will broadcast a thin and sharp effect, and the high frequency extension of AMT is very long, but the broadcast effect is pure, and the linear extension performance is absolutely no on point, AMT voices are so good!


"打鼓山傳奇" is a very lifelike drum music. After listening to the performance of B38, I feel that there are many drumming music in the world. It turned out to be just to entertain everyone. No matter how many times I have listened to it, I have been moved by B38 this time. ,... Let me express the effect of B38 in a sensual way. Sitting in the listening chair, I saw the head of the drum group on the mountain slam the drum, and the other members below the mountain slam the drums with an unstoppable momentum, every shout accompanied by splashes of sweat, the members of the team encouraged each other with drums, and they became more and more vigorous, until the coach stopped everyone, and the strength of the drums was still in the air and spread around the top of the mountain. B38 Like a person who can tell a story, I use music to tell the most beautiful moment of the Shanxi Drum Orchestra. Totally touched my heart with the most beautiful sound in the world!

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