Siltech Triple Crown Triple Crown Flagship Interconnect Cable




Date: 2020-11-16


Article From《MY-HiEND》

Siltech is an audio manufacturer that places great emphasis on data technology. It is well known that its main product is high-end audio cables. Audio cables have always occupied a large part of the audio system. Many enthusiasts are pursuing different ultimate audio cables, The technical content of a pair of high-quality cable required absolutely no less than a high-end player or amplifier. A system always requires a lot of cables to connect, and the overall cost is often very scary.

Therefore, many manufacturers are aiming at the cables. After all, the sound is often a very subjective impression. Sometimes users simply don't know why a pair of wires are so expensive, and they often spend money to buy wires of unknown origin. But like a famous manufacturer like Siltech, everything is based on data, technology, the selection of materials and the production process, which is currently the most scientific way. After all, machine can be disassembled to see, but you can't cut every wire to check. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reputable manufacturer. Scientific production methods and reputation are the principles for selecting products. There are not only one or two such cable manufacturers. The thing to do is to find more opportunities to test and listen. As long as you choose a voice that suits you from these reputable manufacturers, things will be much easier.

Simply put, Siltech's product design principles are derived from technology, a lot of research, prototyping and measurement. The cost of cable research is quite high. You must use a variety of expensive metals as materials, repeatedly combine and test, modify, eliminate and then test again. Not only does it require a lot of money but also a lot of manpower and time. Siltech attaches great importance to the use of advanced equipment. They believe that the production of high-end cables is based on a lot of technology, exquisite craftsmanship and some exploration. There are too many factors that can affect the final sound, and the final result will have to be corrected because a certain part fails to meet the requirements, such as speed, jitter, distortion, magnetic field, noise, dynamics, micro signal processing, and so on. Most of these parameters can be measured objectively, but many advanced instruments and equipment must be invested. Therefore, Siltech's confidence in its own products comes from these investments and complicated manufacturing processes. With the advancement of the times and the advancement of technology, Siltech's expertise in technology and The equipment will continue to evolve in order to present the best sound to music lovers.

Triple Crown is Siltech’s top flagship cable. There is no better cable on Triple Crown. The blue cable body is Siltech’s famous standard color. This time I borrowed two top signal cables, one is RCA , and the other one is XLR. In appearance, the two cables are exactly the same, even the packaging. The only difference is of course the terminal part.

Both the Triple Crown RCA and XLR use single crystal silver technology, and there is an adjustment lever that switches the internal shielding to accommodate different equipment. It also has three special in-house technologies, including an adjustable locking structure, and multiple ultra-low consumption grounding structure. The grounding structure also has a 24K gold-plated four-pin connection technology terminal for perfect connection to the center of the equipment terminal. And also, the cable itself is quite hard, it is not easy to bend, so the part of the cable body close to the terminal is designed to bend freely. The Triple Crown is really a very complicated design structure.

Siltech's very special is that they had mine equity so they can obtain the best quality mineral materials. This is very important for the use of gold and silver alloys as structural materials. With the scientific production spirit, Siltech is in the HIGH-END cable manufacturer get the current high praise and hot sale. In the past, many Siltech users have greatly appreciated its effect after trying it. Whether it is in the high-priced or relatively affordable series, it is impossible to ignore his ability. Siltech also maintains a very good value in the second-hand market. For the era of high-end equipment grow to even higher price, the choice of equipment can also take its value preservation into consideration.

Audition experience:

After I used Siltech's Three Crowns Series today, and listened to some albums. The overall feeling has changed obviously. The most obvious sound thickness has increased a lot, especially when listening to the vocal album. The shape of the vocals is very real. It seems that the vital capacity of the singer has increased. It's less, and it's deep down in the mid-bass part, which is very noticeable when playing instruments such as saxophone. The depth of the sound field has been significantly increased, the details in the music are more rich, the balance between the main and secondary keys of the music is better, and the overall sound quality has been improved.

From the photo above, you can see that there is a lever on the metal box on the cable to choose Float or Ground. I have tested it back and forth many times. In fact, the effect has been set when the first change is made, because the difference between the two is not difficult to distinguish. Since the two are in a comparative way, they will not be discussed separately. Compared with Ground, Float is brighter, more prominent in audio and video, and more dynamic. Choosing the Ground sound is more restrained, darker. If the original system sound is too bright and not stable enough, choosing Ground will make a lot of improvement. I feel that the sound of the Three Crowns tends to be thick, and the sound quality is good, and the sound will be thicker and richer when you choose Ground.

The sound is obviously better than the reference line I am using. Of course, at the value of the three crowns, the results of this kind of audition are not surprising at all. What is the sound characteristics and advantages of the three crowns? In the cross-comparison audition, the most obvious charm of the Three Crowns is to transform the original flat music into a more three-dimensional, with stronger energy and a sense of life, as long as the elements in the song include vocal piano drums... etc. , You can immediately feel more specific and real, and have a more complete overtone. At the same time, the ups and downs of the strength of the music are better and people can feel the expression changes and emotions brought by the music. Putting on the three crowns is a bit like It is the same as changing from a class B amplifier to a good pure class A amplifier, and its sound characteristics are also very similar to those of the pure class A, with high density, fullness and a moving charm.

Listening to <TAS 2014 Absolute Sound>, when listening to such a good album with the top three crown cables, it can even show the value of burning the record, and the experience is really extraordinary. There are many types of songs included in TAS 2014, but what remains unchanged are excellent recordings and the best works in various fields. It is a good material for enjoying music or testing audio equipment. In two days of listening to the entire album no less than five times, whether it is the detailed sound of the violin, the deep drums, the fullness of the piano, and the quality, the high and low dynamics and sound field position are all impressive.

The first track of "Paganini: Variation Sonata M.S132 2nd Variation", the violin sound is as delicate as silk, silky studs, simple melody, short movement, but it is pleasure to listen over and over again. The second track <Ahela-I Rejoice>’s beautiful female voice and bass drum sound continue to fill the entire space. The meaning of Ahela is like Hallelujah. The hymn-like style of music is combined with high and low dynamic female voices and drum sounds. Is like hearing the voice of angels under the bright moonlight completely showed the moving precision of the good systems and equipment.

The fifth track "The Man Who Sold The World", like the title of the song, has a slightly critical and sarcasm style. The original song is David Bowie's chart rock hit in 1970. It was played by Claire Martin, the first lady of British jazz, and cello. With the performance of The Montpellier Cello Quartet, Claire's full-female charming voice makes the whole piece fun.

The sixth track French song "L'eau A La Bouche". The singer is Serge Gainsbourg. He is not only a singer, but also a writer, painter, photographer, actor, and director. A talented musical talent who integrates artistic talents. This song is the theme song of the movie of the same name in 1959. Although the song is old, there is no strong sense of old recording when listening. The position on the instrumental accompaniment is very clear, and the singing voice is more like 1959. Although this is so, there is no sense of disobedience. I believe that the post-production mixing took a lot of effort. The seventh track <Buttons And Bows> is a very standard old recording, dynamic and flat like a gramophone, but the relaxed style is very interesting, and the music is not inferior to the current excellent recordings.

The eighth track <Schumann: Symphony No. 3 "Rhine" Second Movement> is a symphony of romantic music master Schumann describing the scenery of the Rhine River in Germany. The master-class works accurately describe the scenery, Scottish interior orchestra performance is in place, coupled with excellent recording, the performance is rich in details. The music is sometimes quiet and detailed, sometimes majestic and magnificent. Even people who have never been to Germany can imagine the Rhine River in their hearts by listening to this music.

The ninth track <Sleeping Houses> was sing by Emily Barker. The distinctive piano sound combined with Emily's singing is a perfect match. Here you can see that the top-level cables like the Three Crowns are very great for reproducing the full sound of the piano. Emily's singing is not as clean as ice, but it is very pure, direct, and full of emotion. It conveys the meaning of the song to the listener's heart completely through the singing. This is a very, very good song. The tenth track <Caruso> was sing by Christian Willisohn. Just as the ninth track is a very emotional song, it also uses the piano as the most important accompaniment. This song is performed with Steinway's Model D as the accompaniment. The piano sound is combined with Christian's thick but lonely voice, which is the best combination for interpreting love songs. Christian's affectionate singing will fascinate both men and women.

Siltech Triple Crown's single crystal silver conductor can provide the highest resolution, lowest loss music signal path. The excellent wire structure eliminates the shortcomings caused by slight deformation and other errors. The use of the latest audio measurement technology, not only the wire itself, but also the mechanical and electrical optimization of all music signal transmission paths including connecting terminals, minimizes all errors caused by The distortion situation.

The ability of the cable is not only the technical parameters and LCR values ​​measured in the laboratory, because most cables are not only used in the laboratory. Siltech's detailed empirical research found that in actual use, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the numbers of technical parameters, but also to maintain the consistency of cable performance. In many ways, because of the consistency and high quality of the cable, excellent results can be obtained, and the key is mechanical and electrical stability.

If the single crystal silver conductor is already the best conductor technology in existence, how can we make it more advanced? For better results, Siltech starts with the quality of the material. The single crystal silver conductor used by Triple Crown is the largest diameter Siltech has ever used The conductor, such a material is expensive, and it can only be achieved with a wire like Triple Crown that pursues the ultimate and does not consider the cost.

The length and softness of the cable can easily damage the fragile music signal. The best audio performance of the cable often comes from the diameter and rigidity of the cable, so Siltech wants to design a large-diameter cable that is both rigid and practical, and has a stable structure. Flexible use. In the end, Siltech's engineers completed a new cable structure, no matter how the wire is bent, the geometric structure and mechanical consistency can be ensured. The new Air Cradle Construction, huge single crystal silver, ultra-low density Teflon insulation, provides low inductance, resistance and capacitance.

The transmission of music signals through cable is one thing, and the transmission of signals through the connecting terminals is another. Because the new cable body makes the characteristics of the connection terminals inconsistent with the previous ones, Siltech designed a new connection terminal. Same as before, he must be able to maintain mechanical and electrical stability and the excellent ability of Triple Crown. The single crystal silver guide bar between the connecting terminal and the main body of the cable is the best bridge for the signal to pass between the two. It is also one of the three patents applied by Siltech, and the other two are self-centres (to ensure that the terminal is connected in the center technology), and the special terminal clamping technology, these three technologies can ensure the stable and consistent signal transmission when the wire is used on different equipment. Siltech cooperated with watch manufacturers to make the connection terminals so complex and sophisticated.

There is also a lever on the wire electrical box of Triple Crown, which allows the user to choose whether to use shielding, depending on the equipment used. As mentioned earlier, for performance, the Triple Crown body must be heavy and stiff, but the design team made it easier to use as much as possible. In the part close to the connection terminal, the cable can be rotated 90 degrees freely without affecting the sound performance.