Reveal fully comprehensive ability: Siltech Classic Network Cable



Date: 2020-10-30


Article and photos from《MY-HIEND》

Siltech finally launched a network cable product. There are two models, one is the high-end Royal Signature Network Crown and the other is the mid-level Classic Network. With the popularity of digital streaming and continuous advancement in software and hardware, Siltech, as one of the leading brands of Hi-end cable, will extend its tentacles to the network line sooner or later. In the fourth quarter of this year, not only the official release of the cable, Agent of Taiwan also got the product synchronously and provided a mid-level Classic Network for us to write review.


Bursting out the temper of the king style

Compared with other brands, Siltech's pace of launching network cables is relatively late. There are no fewer than dozens of network cables on the market. If you launch late, you have to come up with real skills, and the test will be more stringent. As a major cable brand often being compared with the existing products, let us see how these two network cables of Siltech can continue the brand's reputation.

Transmission is not aim for fast but accurate
Siltech upholds its own concept of network routing, and believes that network transmission does not focus about speed. The existing transmission speed is long enough for music file transmission. More importantly, timing consistency and data integrity are important for any digital cable. Transmission accuracy depends on the wire structure, material and connection terminals. If the impedance matching and conductor geometry are not good, reflections and echoes will be generated internally. Any imperfections will affect the timing and message amplitude, and high frequencies are extremely vulnerable to external interference. Based on these key points and decades of experience, Siltech has developed a network cable material, adopting a double-strand independent shielding design for the internal conductor, using DuPont's Teflon as the insulating material to impedance matching Telegartner MFP8 RJ-45 network terminal.


The latest technology in alloy conductor

The mid-level Classic Network launched this time uses G9 gold-silver alloy conductors. The conductor material is the basis of the cable. Siltech's gold-silver alloy conductor production technology is very proficient. G9 represents the 9th generation technology. This is a metal smelting knowledge that perfectly integrates gold and silver conductors. Generally speaking, there will be tiny gaps in polycrystalline conductors, which are not conducive to signal transmission. Many manufacturers will add other metal materials to the conductors to fill the gaps. Siltech's technology is to add 24K gold to the silver conductors. Filling up these gaps makes the conductor more conductive, and the surface of the conductor is smoothed to reduce the negative effects caused by the skin effect, and it has better oxidation resistance and durability. What is admirable is that Siltech is not satisfied with the excellent technology of the past, but also constantly refines the process so that users can continue to use better wires.

In the smelting process, SATT (Siltech Advanced Thermal Treatment) technology is adopted. They treat the conductors of gold and silver materials through high temperature. The method is to first control the heating of the conductor to 500 ~ 700 degrees with a 100A current music signal, so that the conductor crystals can re-arrange the error free crystal (Error Free Crystal), and then slowly drop to room temperature under no vibration conditions. The whole process requires It was 68 hours. After the SATT treatment, the wire body is made softer. After testing by Siltech's instruments, this process can greatly reduce the capacitance and reactance, and significantly enhance the conductivity of the conductor. The Classic Anniversary series also uses exclusive twisting technology to make the internal conductor appear at a 45-degree state, reducing the magnetic field interference generated during current transmission.

We quickly connected the Siltech Classic Network to the network streaming player. This cable is moderately hard and hard, but it is not difficult to run the cable. Although there is a metal ring on the top, the weight is good and there is no obvious hanging condition.


New authentication mechanism

Siltech does not deny that there are always traces of counterfeit products. Therefore, the original factory will add an authentication mechanism to the cables that are shipped after the middle of this year. The leather hanging on the cable has the NFC Tag function. After the user downloads the Siltech App on the phone By sensing this leather, you can get cable certification information.


Comprehensive improvement

After playing music with Siltech Classic Network, I was actually surprised, mainly because his performance is very comprehensive, from the sound texture, resolution, cohesion, extension of the upper and lower ends, sound image localization, three-dimensionality, embossment and even the sound field level. , Width are all very high-level displays. In the past, when use other network cables, each cable often has its own special highlights, but this Classic Network is very good in every item. In terms of comprehensiveness, it is really excellent. When playing Anette Askvik's "Liberty" album, the texture of the vocal singing can be seen, and the background is quite clean and dark. The accompaniment is laid out behind the sound field, the vocals come out from the center, and the mouth is subtle when singing. The sound of lips and teeth is clear and natural. The piano keys are clear and pleasant when the keys are down. The overall sound is very dense and stable.


A clearer analogy

After listening to "Time Out" performed by Dave Brubeck and his quartet, the background is still clean. Compared with the previous song, you can feel the outstanding audio and video and the clear positioning. The whole stage sense is very strong, and the inter-instrument The clarity and separation are very good, and it also brings a high level of music reproduction. The resolution in details is also a major advantage of Siltech Classic Network. In some subtle plucking movements, the short resonance of the drum head is all It is quite clear that the density and extension of the saxophone are particularly good, like the feeling of a wider scale. This is less experienced in the past. Although it is digital streaming, this line is more analogous to the sound presentation. "This is obviously helpful.


The level of the scene is hard to have an opponent

Then choose the live performance of the film "The World Of Hans Zimmer" performed by Hans Zimmer and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. The Siltech Classic Network is very powerful in the creation of the scene, the width and depth of the scene are very good, and the sense of hierarchy is also good. The biggest difference from listening to other cables in the past is that when using this cable, the sound picture completely jumps off the plane. The music is very visual, very three-dimensional, and very vivid. This is the most rare performance in my opinion. Features that are difficult to see on other cables.


Smooth and enjoyable rhythm

When thinking of tango music, the only composer that immediately came to my mind was Piazzolla. His tango music is a classic in the music world. Libertango is often used as an anko at the end of the concert. I don't know why, but I think it's a kind of magical power, because after the crowd disperses, they always wish to continue. This song can be played with two pianos, clapping interacts with the audience, thus bringing a lively atmosphere to the concert. The network cable has recently become a popular product in the audio industry. Each brand's network cable has its own characteristics. This time I listened to Siltech's mid-range Classic Network. The cable is colored in dark blue, although it is dark. Color matching, but putting it under the light, as if it comes with a luminous body, is particularly attractive, low-key and noble. This time listening to "Free Tango" is a four-handed piano performance. The contour lines of the piano sound are obvious, and the cohesion of the piano sound comes from the audible layers with thickness. Compared with the Classic Network, the depth of the sound field is much greater. The characteristic of tango is the sense of rhythm and rhythm, and this album has 9 variations in total. The smoothness brought from the Classic Network will be enjoyable from the bottom of heart after each variation.


Siltech Classic Network cable focus and specifications::

  • The latest G9 gold and silver alloy conductor application
  • Double-strand independent shielding design, DuPont's Teflon insulation
  • Impedance matching Telegartner MFP8 RJ-45 network connection terminal
  • The design focuses on transmission accuracy, consistency and stability
  • New NFC tag authentication mechanism
  • Sound features: comprehensive performance, excellent texture, cohesiveness, excellent sound field, outstanding three-dimensionality