Feature of November 2020



Date: 2020-11-01


Feel the true power of streaming sound quality – Siltech Network Cable

Many professional network cable manufacturers focus on the data transfer rate and make it as fast as possible, unaware that the audio data transfer speed does not need to be lightning fast, but more importantly, the consistency of the transfer rate and the integrity of the transferred data.

For all digital cables, the transmission accuracy depends on the structure, material and connection Terminal. Poor impedance matching or inconsistent geometry will cause reflections and echoes in the data stream, and grain boundaries or grains in the conductor will cause slight distortion. Any imperfections will affect the accuracy of very important clock and amplitude information. It is also easy to overlook that fragile high-frequency signals are more susceptible to external interference.

Siltech has nearly 40 years of advanced research and development capabilities in the audio cable industry, applying all its knowledge and experience to the design of these two new network cables.

Both benefit from the use of high-quality materials, professional construction techniques, and high-quality shielding and insulation materials. The Classic Network cable uses Siltech's proprietary G9 silver-gold conductor, and the Royal Signature Crown model uses the best S8 mono X-tal single crystal silver. It adopts double-strand independent shielding technology and 45-degree wire and cooperates with Dupont® ( DuPont Chemical) Teflon insulator, which can protect fragile digital signals from external interference. The two-wire connection terminal uses the sturdy, impedance-matched Telegartner MFP8 RJ-45, which is respected by the industry, as the connector to maintain the best shielding at both ends of the signal transmission.

Siltech is known for producing audio products that provide an unparalleled listening experience for audiophiles.