LP “PRODUCT OF THE YEAR ”2023/24 Award|Thorens TD 1601 TP 160



Date: 2024-07-02


The TD 1601 from the Bergisch Gladbach manufacturer Thorens is the only device to date that has been awarded “Product Of The Year” for a second time. The reason for this is not the record player itself, whose excellent concept has remained unchanged since it was first mentioned here. Rather, it is the new TP 160 tonearm, which is now offered with the turntable in addition to the tried and tested TP 92, that has prompted us to award it again. The new arm has a clever magnetically stabilized blade bearing and was designed by analog professionals so that it also fits perfectly visually with the TD 1601. In terms of sound, the record player has never been as stable, exciting and precise as in this combination.

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