The extraordinary voice of the queen — Siltech Queen Interconnect Cable

As we all know, among the factors that can influence the sound performance of Hi-End audio cables, the conductor is definitely the most critical one. The leader in exploring and innovating the science of conductor materials, and constantly tapping its performance limits, in order to achieve the most ideal signal transmission effect, is definitely Siltech from the Netherlands.

Whether it is the best of the best Triple Crown Series, or the almost impeccable Royal Signature Series, or the more familiar "Classic" series. For many senior Audiophiles, Siltech occupies a very important position in their hearts. The reason is that each of its products is flowing with the blood of innovation and perfection, and this is also the enterprise purpose of its 37-year brand development history.

What I want to share with you today is the Queen in Royal Signature Series. The Royal Signature series is the backbone of the Siltech product line, because it's assemble the flagship three crown series and the classic anniversary series, and also this series with the most extensive distribution of Siltech products, providing more than 20 different levels and uses of cables. In terms of materials and technical applications, this series covers the two major conductors of G7 gold-silver alloy and S8 single crystal silver.

Although there are many models of Royal Signature, they are not messy, so we have to mention Siltech's product model naming. It assigns different royal titles to different products in the series; such as Princess, Queen, Empress royal female titles for the naming of signal lines; while Prince and King , Emperor these royal names are the naming of the speaker wire. If you add Crown or Double Crown to the model suffix, it means that the model uses the most proud S8 single crystal silver conductor, the best product in the series! If the suffix does not have a crown, it means that the model uses G7 gold and silver alloy conductors. Therefore, from the Queen's model, it is not difficult to see that it is a signal line using G7 gold and silver alloy conductors.

What is innovation

The technology source of the G7 silver-gold alloy track back to early as the 1980s, at the beginning of its creation, it was recognized that "silver", a metal with excellent electrical conductivity, was an ideal conductor material. At that time, most of the audio cables used copper as the conductor material. In that era, Siltech had already used slow extrusion and slow cooling heat treatment technology to make the pure silver wire exhibit a warmer tone, better musicality, and higher electrical conductivity and mechanical properties than other pure silver wires.

From 1984 to 1992, after two generations (G1, G2) of silver conductor wires were released, it was discovered in continuous research that there were tiny cracks in the silver polycrystalline body, which would have an adverse effect on signal transmission. This is also the root cause of the frizzy and harsh sound of early polycrystalline silver wires. Therefore, in 1998, Siltech developed the third-generation G3 conductor that uses finer crystals of 24K pure gold to fill the gaps between silver crystals. The conductor has better conductivity, less distortion, and has the ability to resist oxidation and durability.

What is the perfection

What is admirable is that Siltech is not satisfied with the achievements, but keeps improving the technology. In 2008, the G7 gold-silver alloy conductor with the critical error to be undetectable and the purity as high as 9N (99.9999999%) was further developed. This is the G7 gold-silver alloy conductor seen today. Due to Siltech's huge demand for silver metal, the production plan of the factory is enough to affect the local silver metal transaction price!

It is precisely because of the unremitting pursuit of innovation and perfection. So that we have seen a large number of unique technologies engraved in the history of Siltech's glory:

1. Absolute 45-degree conductor twisting technology, and the only stranding machine in Europe that can achieve 45-degree twisting.

2. The exclusive SATT (Siltech Advanced Thermal Treatment) technology. They slowly heat the gold and silver conductors from the lowest temperature to about 500-700 degrees with a music current of 100A, and slowly cool them to room temperature under the condition of no vibration. During the process, the conductor crystals reach the zero error free arrangement state (Error Free Crystal) to obtain the most perfect crystal.

3. Amazing full frequency shielding technology! The Queen signal cable, which is supported by numerous cable-making technologies and material applications, is excellent in terms of sound quality. The massive application of G7 silver-gold alloy makes full-frequency balance, speed and energy to its greatest sound characteristics.

Compared with the down model or series, Queen's biggest advantage lies in the amount of G7 silver-gold alloy used. Siltech believes that larger conductor cross-sections can lead to better signal conduction and lower distortion. This is why the higher the quality of the wire, the heavier the weight and the thicker the wire diameter, the more difficult it is to bend.

In terms of insulation and shielding, Kapton and PEEk are recognized as the best insulation materials in the industry. They can be twisted at a 45-degree angle to offset magnetic field interference, and the dense fiber shielding net can effectively isolate the intrusion of external EMI and RFI to achieve the purest music signal transmission.


The most obvious change is the overall improvement of the sound!

High frequency: Rich in details, but not the kind of texture that deliberately highlights the lines, but the kind of flesh-and-blood, rich musical tension. The G7 alloy truly achieves the parallel of speed and texture, and it has a perfect grasp of the amount of information, thoroughly feedbacks every detail, and at the same time without any sharp or harsh feeling.

Middle frequency: The musical instruments and vocals are strong and full, the details are extremely rich, and the high fidelity makes the music sound more enjoyable.

Low frequency: strong and powerful, under the control of the "Queen", the music is vivid and bouncy, and the sound stage is huge. If you like very full bass sound, just choose Queen!

The Queen signal line has achieved a mature and noble performance. It is a signal line with a very comprehensive sound performance. Each frequency has become more complete, more pleasant to the ear, or you can say better balanced and more enjoyable.