HP 700


HP700 - sophisticated valve technology combined with intelligent modularity make this pre-amp future-proof. A valve pre-amp boasting innovative precision technology and a modular concept that allows the listener the freedom to build a system to cater for individual music tastes. Instead of being bound by the fixed audio and technical parameters of the equipment, listeners can adapt the technology of the HP700 to their own requirements and preferences. The result is THE sound - the optimal sound experience for the individual high-end audio system and the individual listener. THE NEXT STEP - A major step toward the ideal of all music lovers.


Three amplification settings, combined with selectable output impedance, enable perfect fine-tuning of the HP 700 to the characteristics of the sound reproduction chain. The three-stage amplification settings allow optimal matching of the volume control to the efficiency of the speaker. The ability to select the output impedance – and therefore the output current – facilitates optimal set-up of the unit for the cable properties, cable length and cable capacity as well as for the input sensitivity of the output stage.


In combination with the newly developed high-precision, low-noise supply-voltage stabilizing circuitry, the separate power sup- ply unit for the HP 700 ensures constancy of the audio output even when the mains voltage is subject to wide fluctuations and high interference levels. Added to this, the integrated control logic system guarantees maximum operational reliability and, backed by our exclusive soft-start technologies, ensures the valves and the unit have a life of up to twenty years.


The multi-channel bypass function allows the HP700 to be integrated into an existing home-theater combination. The logic-controlled input selector circuitry allows selection of the bypass function for an XLR or phono input on the rear panel. The HT signal is present at all three outputs.

EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY UNIT The sophisticated design of the HP 700 makes extremely high demands on the power supply unit. The external power supply unit is magnetically screened and supplies a clean voltage to the HP 700. The screening is also essential to ensure low- noise, low-hum operation of the phono MC input.



The connection possibilities of the generously configured standard model are rounded off by two user-selectable optional input modules. An optimized input module can be used for unusual applications, for anything from an MC step-up transformer to a transformer-based XLR input module. The plug and play modules can be readily installed or upgraded at any time.


Next-step technology has also been applied in the redesign of the Phono RIAA amplifier. The further development of the RIAA stage has improved the signal/noise ratio, while simultaneously reducing system-related distortion. The widening of the bandwidth enables accurate RIAA equalization and exploits the full potential of analog reproduction. The wide variety of optional input modules ensures that the optimal input can be installed for every pickup.


The innovative optional tone control rounds off the HP 700 equipment. The precision valve-based tone control unit guarantees consistency of the sound, even at low volume. Precision adjustment of bass and treble, with a 0.3dB channel separation, allows the tone to be adjusted without impairing the spatial reproduction.


The frequency-compensated balance control allows channel-separated volume adjustment in 1 dB steps. This technology eliminates any controller-related sound shifts. Using 12-position stepped switches, the setting is longtime stable, with 100% repeatability.


The unit output can be switched to several zones by manual activation of the outputs. Whether the output is through XLR, phono or all three outputs simultaneously, a total of three output stages can be utilized for separate rooms, different speakers or bi and tri-amping.


The optional, frequency-compensated 47-position stepped switch ends the debate about the influence of the controller on the quality of the music signal. At 0.1dB, the channel deviation is supreme. Our own in-house development, the volume control design maintains the frequency bandwidth constant throughout the entire control range, reducing controller-related distortion to a scarcely measurable level.


The sophisticated design of the HP 700 makes extremely high demands on the power supply unit. The external power supply unit is magnetically screened and supplies a clean voltage to the HP700. The screening is also essential to ensure low noise, low-hum operation of the phono MC input.


A new product in the range is the transformer-based IN 8 symmetrical input module.
From a sound-quality perspective, transformers are the best method of preserving the advantages of symmetrical signal transmission. A transformer is also the only component that is capable of ensuring electrical separation of the ground signal. Our symmetrical input transformer is hand-made by us specifically for this module. The latest high-tech core materials eliminate distortion emanating from the core by a factor of 10. The frequency range extends to well above 100 kHz.
Line IN ( IN 4 ) High-level input module with one RCA and one XLR input. The IN 4 module allows the connection of a CD player or D/A converter. A universal module to extend the connection possibilities.
MM RCA ( IN 1 ) Input module with RCA input for MM systems.
MC RCA ( IN 2 ) MC input module with RCA input for all MC systems. The input impedance is selectable between 60 Ohm and 1000 Ohm. A perfect all-round module with switchable amplification, making it suitable for low and high-output MC systems.
MC XLR ( IN 3 ) MC input module with XLR input for all MC systems. The input impedance and amplification are identical with those of IN 2. The symmetrical signal processing of the low MC signal significantly improves the quality of reproduction.
MC Step Up ( IN 6 ) The transformer is switchable in two stages, enabling connection to practically any MC system. Since the transformer amplifies the signal without any electronic components, there is no possibility of typical semiconductor sound coloration arising.

Technical Data:

High-level (Line) stage  
Output impedance: 100 / 300 Ohm RCA
  150 Ohm XLR
Amplification factor: 25 / 18 / 12dB
Signal / Noise Ratio: - 106 - 92 dB
Frequency range (Gain Low RCA): 10 Hz – 200 kHz - 0.2 dB
Phono stage  
Signal/noise ratio phono: - 80 / - 87 dB
Amplification factor: 60 / 68 dB
Pre-amp: 462 x 130 x 480 mm (W x H x D)
Power supply unit: 110 x 90 x 277 mm (W x H x D)
Pre-amp weight: 10 kg
Power supply weight: 3.8 kg
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