More Flexibility - Octave V70 Class A Integrated Amplifier

Andreas Hofmann, the owner and executive of Octave, has gain many years of experience in developing vacuum tube amplifiers and has successfully established a high global reputation, making them confident in their products. With the arrival of the latest generation of V70 Class A integrated amplifier, designed for output more power without departing from the working range of Class A. Class A is generally regarded as the best sound due to its extremely low distortion characteristics, especially in the performance of mid-high frequency. In Class A working mode, a large part of the energy is converted into heat energy, and only a small part of useful power drives the connected speakers. Therefore, the dynamic limits of Class A are also related to this.

The basic concept of V70 Class A is a class A push-pull amplifier with a pentode, and the automatic bias depends on the newly developed class A technology. According to performance requirements, the dynamic performance of Class A can be improved by dynamically changing the bias setting, thereby solving the limitations of traditional Class A in this respect. The dynamic bias control technology developed by this German company is a dynamic operating point adjustment that automatically adjusts the Class A push-pull method of the Class A amplifier to achieve almost twice the output power. In terms of V70 Class A, the output power can reach 50 watts, which is absolutely no problem in terms of driving force. If you feel that the 50-watts Class A output is still not enough, you can still add the upgraded power module Super Black Box to increase it to 70 watts of power. The potential is significantly higher than the traditional Class A integrated amplifier. Therefore, sufficient power reserve can be provided to drive more expensive speakers.

Octave V70 Class A is equipped with four KT120 tubes as output, and is equipped with ECC 83 and ECC 81 as drive tubes, and there are a variety of options for different timbre changes. For example, if you replace the power tube recommended by a different manufacturer, the amplifier will adjust itself according to the tube type without any manual intervention. Nevertheless, you can still observe the bias status of each power tube through the three-color (red, green, and yellow) LED display lights on the panel to understand whether the four power tubes are working properly. Similar to other top models of Octave, V 70 Class A also has a power preset function (Power High or Power Low) to match different power tubes. If you want to obtain higher power in Class A work, you must use KT120 or KT150 as the power tube and operate it under the Power High setting. If you choose a lower power KT88 or
6550, it needs to operate under the Power Low setting, but it can only provide about 15 watts of Class A power and 25 watts of music power.

Of course, Octave V70 Class A does not overpass Octave's conventional functions, such as power management with electronic monitoring functions. This function is based on a special power supply technology to protect the amplifier from various power supply interferences and voltage fluctuations and react to high-frequency interference. To avoid any sudden drop in sound. In addition, it also does not overpass the ECO energy-saving working mode, or the pass-through function of the home theater bypass.

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