Reduction of the true value of the concept-Exposure 2510 integrated amplifier


British audio manufacturer Exposure is one of the very traditional British brands. The company was founded in 1974 as a small audio manufacturer. Its design concept is to emphasize the sound performance of the equipment within a reasonable price range. From then to the 1980s, its products have successfully adopted high-cost performance as the company's business strategy and have been praised by people and world-renowned audio magazines...

Judging from the 2510 integrated amplifier, one of the latest models, you will see a clean and simple high-quality aluminum machine panel with rounded corners. On the left is the power switch button and on the right are two knobs. The left knob on the right is to adjust the volume. With the help of the LED indicator, you can easily determine the position of the volume setting. The knob on the right is to switch the input of different sources. At a glance, all operations are very simple and straightforward, and there is no unnecessary design.

The back panel of the machine is basically as simple as the panel, stressing practicality. There are eight pairs of cincha on the left, one pair of AUX 1 can be installed with built-in MM or MC phono amplifier), and the rest are line level analog signal input/output, including a pair of preamp signal output controlled by volume. On the right is a standard power socket and a set of embedded speaker connection terminals. This is also a typical British item. The speaker cable can only use banana plugs.

In the internal layout, the 2510's design direction and ideas are very traditional. A large double-sided circuit board is arranged with front and rear circuits; the capacitor used to process the signal is a specially selected high-quality product, and the signal path is as short as possible. Enhance anti-interference ability. Using Toshiba high-speed bipolar power amplifier tube, a pair of large capacitors provide enough energy to improve dynamic performance of music. The power supply part uses the toroidal transformer produced by Noratel; the aluminum panel is matched with the fold-in chassis to ensure a certain level of rigidity and shielding ability.

In terms of power output, each channel provides 75 watts (8Ω) of power. At full power output, the total harmonic distortion at 1 kHz does not exceed 0.015%, and the signal-to-noise ratio exceeds 100 dB under the same conditions. It is worth mentioning that the channel separation exceeds 60 dB at 1 kHz and 40 dB at 20 kHz. In the same price range, these are fascinating parameters.

When listening to the Exposure 2510 integrated amplifier in the company's showroom, I used Exposure XM CD Player to drive PMC twenty5.22i bookshelf speaker. In terms of cables, Chord Company's Epic RCA signal cable, Epic speaker cable and inakustik AC-2502F power cord.

The bass part of Tanita Tikaram's Twist in my Sobriety (Ancient Heart | 2008) is very deep, and it is a British-style calm and soft sound. There will be no tightness and perfect contours. upcoming is Somthin'Stupid (My Way | 1997), although Exposure does not pursue absolute technical precision, it has quite good transparency and good clarity, and has pleasant characteristics.

The 2510 provides a relatively direct and vivid sound, dynamic and sharp. The drumming in "India with jazz" (STS 40Years Anniversary) is very strong and penetrating. The 2510 provides a powerful output capacity, which for combined amplifiers, it does have many advantages and has a certain appeal.

Although the Exposure 2510 combined amplifier does not have a luxurious appearance, it has a fascinating sound performance and a competitive price advantage. If you are looking for a sturdy, versatile and classic traditional amplifier that is easy to pair with cables and other equipment and speakers, then the 2510 is a integrated amplifier that is highly recommended to such users!


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