【Coming soon – Thorens TAS1600 Moving-CoilCartridge】




The newly developed Thorens TAS 1600 is a low-output Moving-CoilCartridge made in Japan, specially developed for the THORENS TD 1600 and TD 1601. It provides an output voltage slightly lower than 0.4mV at a speed of 5.5 cm/s, providing a level that is sufficient to match the normal phono amplifier.The internal impedance of the cartridge is 12 ohms, and the listening experience is ideal when the input impedance is set to greater than 100 ohms. The end of the boron needle shaft and the diamond needle tip are cut into the contact line shape, which is one of the best contacts with the pit pattern, which can inspire all the musical beauty and details in the record. The solid and lightweight solid aluminum shell greatly reduces unnecessary vibration during pickup.The internal magnet uses the strongest neodymium magnet and yoke to improve the ability to detect weak sounds, and the PCOCC (Pure Copper by Ohno Continous Casting Process) wire-wound coil has extremely low internal resistance, which is conducive to generating pure record music and electrical signals.