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Richcoln Anniversary Sale

新漢《家庭娛樂中心》舉行 2017年迎新大特賣,要搶購最筍的減價音響貨品,就要早點過來啦。另外,請密切留意明天中午1:00和傍晚6:00兩個時段出場的「每日一驚喜」最超值減價貨品到底是什麼?記得親自上來本公司陳列室自然就會即刻揭曉!

SPECTRE - The latest Bond movie music created using PMC

Thomas Newman, composer of countless blockbuster movie scores has once again created the gripping music for the latest James Bond film using PMC. Spectre joins Skyfall to make up a duo of Bond movies for which PMC IB2, three way monitors have been used during the crucial writing process.

". . . the main thing about them, for me, is that they make speakers that I forget are there. You stop thinking of them as speakers - they're a conduit for music and sound, and you just believe what you're hearing." - Thomas Newman

The long awaited 24th Bond film, Spectre, was released in UK cinemas on 26th October.

Hiendy - An interview of OCTAVE CEO Andreas Hofmann

大家記唔記得 OCTAVE 老板 Mr. Andreas Hofmann 年頭來本公司探訪我們,難得有這樣的機會,所以特別安排 HIENDY (HIFI CLUB 影音俱樂部) 專門做了訪問,並由本公司 - 陳 Sir 代表 HIENDY 的音響迷問了有關 OCTAVE 膽機幾條有趣的問題,要知 Mr. Andreas Hofmann 如何作答,請觀看如下訪問視頻!