Service & Support

Please direct your service enquiry to our service centre which is now located in our Headquarters in Wanchai. For further information, please call 2422-9702. Alternatively, you may bring your service unit direct to our showroom where you will be attended.

The following contents highlight the detail of our warranty program:


One year free-of-charge service including parts and labour is provided from the date of purchase. Any defective part which has been replaced shall become the company’s property.

Free service of this warranty does not cover:

  • routine inspection / adjustment or conversion of any kind (e.g. line operating voltage / frequency or receiving frequency).
  • transportation / packing charges and other related charges.
  • any appearance items, accessories (e.g. connectors, cables, remote controls, cabinets, grilles, panels, racks, accessories of panels and cabinets, etc.), normal wear and tear of parts (e.g. record / playback head cartridge stylus, mechanical parts, etc.)


This warranty will become invalid under the following circumstances:

  • damages arising from (alterations, accident, misuse or abuse, negligence), natural calamities, power interruption or abnormal voltage input and not conforming to those specified in the Owner’s Instructions.
  • alteration, defacement or removal of serial number(s).
  • alteration to the warranty registration card / warranty card.
  • modification, alteration or repair of the product by persons other than the authorized personnel of the company's service department.


This warranty is invalid for the product used for commercial or rental purposes.

The company will not be liable for any loss directly or indirectly caused by breakdown of the equipment.

Warranty is valid for Hong Kong only. (No outdoor service will be provided for Industrial / Commercial Product).

For small or car stereo appliance, customer on outlying islands will be requested to bring the product to and from our service centre or service depots whenever service is needed.

Customer should present this warranty card and invoice to our company’s technician when applying for warranty service.

This warranty is not transferable.

The rights of issuance and revocation of this warranty belong to our company. On any uncertain or doubtful occasion, after examination, our company has the right to return the service unit to you or to revoke the warranty.